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Driving With a Suspended Driver License (Vehicle Code § 14601 Violations)

Pursuant to Vehicle Code § 14601, Driving with a Suspended License in California is a misdemeanor offense, carrying the possibility of jail time and substantial fines. Additional ramifications can be especially severe if the person’s license was revoked due to a prior DUI conviction or if you have prior suspended license convictions on your record.

There are typically three factors that the prosecutors must prove against you, in a Suspended License case:
  • You were driving
  • At the time you were driving your license was revoked or suspended
  • You had knowledge that your license was revoked or suspended
In a large number of cases, the defendant is unaware that their driver license has been suspended. Typically, this is one of the strongest defenses against driving with a suspended license, because the prosecutor must prove this element beyond a reasonable doubt.

Our firm focuses on getting suspended license charges reduced or dismissed. By presenting evidence of mitigation or problems of proof, our firm has been able to convince prosecutors to reduce Vehicle Code Section 14601 charges to infractions, which do not add points to your DMV history.

Call Eisner Gorin LLP, and one of our experienced DUI attorneys will consult with you about how we can help you. Our lawyers are former Los Angeles DUI prosecutors with over 50 years experience in fighting for your rights in courts.