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San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga DUI Lawyer

DUI Court Location: 8303 North Haven Ave. San Bernardino, CA 91730

At Eisner Gorin LLP, our San Bernardino drunk driving defense lawyers will aggressively defend you against all DUI charges. It is essential to be represented by a DUI attorney who is familiar with the local court personnel handling your case.

DUI arrests in San Bernardino may result from unlawful traffic stops. In many cases, police officers do not look for driving offenses to pull over a vehicle, but conduct traffic stops on a mere hunch that the driver might be intoxicated. This is often the case when police officers intentionally patrol areas with many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs late at night. In situations such as these officers rarely have sufficient probable cause to pull over your vehicle. These traffic stops are a violation of your constitutional rights and our San Bernardino DUI defense attorneys can file and litigate a motion to contest the validity of such traffic stops pursuant to Penal Code § 1538.5. DUI defense laws are very complicated, and therefore it is critical to be represented by a San Bernardino DUI defense attorney.

At Eisner Gorin LLP, our attorneys have over 50 years of combined courtroom experience. We are familiar with the necessary strategies and defenses needed in San Bernardino to protect your rights and defend you on your first and any subsequent DUI charges. Our attorneys have been working all over Southern California for many years as defense lawyers as well as Senior DUI prosecutors. We specialize in defending drunk driving matters in the following local courthouses:

• San Bernardino Superior Court Website
• Barstow Courthouse
• Big Bear Courthouse
• Chino Courthouse
• Fontana Courthouse
• Joshua Tree Courthouse
• Needles Courthouse
• Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse
• Rancho Cucamonga Informal Juvenile and Traffic Court
• Redlands Courthouse
• San Bernardino Courthouse
• San Bernardino District Child Support Division
• San Bernardino District Civil Division
• San Bernardino Juvenile Court
• San Bernardino Juvenile Dependency Court
• San Bernardino Informal Juvenile and Traffic Court
• Victorville Courthouse