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Defending Los Angeles DUI-Priors Cases: Second, Third, Fourth DUIs

Some of the most challenging Los Angeles DUI defense cases include those where the accused has prior convictions for drunk driving. If you, or your loved one, have been previously charged and convicted of a DUI offense, the penalties you are facing in the current case may be dramatically higher - including the possibility of substantial jail time, a felony conviction, prison, substantial fines, and an extensive period of license suspension.

California DUI consequences are set out by the state legislature in the Vehicle Code. For multiple convictions within 10 years of your first offense, they include:

Second offense: License suspension up to 2 years; min. 96 hours to 1 year in county jail

Third offense: License suspension up to 3 years; min. 4 months to 1 year in county jail

Fourth offense: License suspension up to 4 years; min. 6 months jail to 3 years in prison

In addition to the above, fines of up to $1,000, penalty assessments, Ignition Interlock Device installation, extensive community service work, and alcohol classes-counseling may be imposed as part of receiving probation in a DUI case.

Aggressive defense work is thus required to fight a DUI with prior charges, to avoid substantial jail time! At Eisner Gorin LLP, our DUI attorneys have over 50 years of combined courtroom experience litigating DUI cases. Our defense strategy includes working closely with our client and hiring a private investigator. After reviewing the police reports, visiting the location of the stop, conducting an overall defense investigation, our Los Angeles defense lawyers will challenge your traffic stop, question the Field Sobriety Tests, determine if the Breath Testing Machine had prior mechanical problems, employ Forensic Toxicologists, and present all possible defense evidence to a judge and jury.

The firm’s Los Angeles Drunk Driving attorneys employ all legal strategies and defenses to protect your rights and defend you on your first and any subsequent DUI charges. Our attorneys have been working throughout Los Angeles County for years as defense lawyers, and as Senior DUI prosecutors. The firm partners will personally litigate your DUI case, rather than a new junior lawyer.

Call Eisner Gorin LLP, and one of our experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyers will discuss your case. All consultations are free.