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Burbank DUI Lawyer

DUI Court Location: 300 E. Olive, Burbank, CA 91502

If you are pulled over for DUI in Burbank, you will be asked to conduct field sobriety tests and submit to blood-alcohol alcohol testing by the Burbank Police Department, the CHP, or other local law enforcement agency.

Our experienced Burbank DUI attorneys understand that these tests are not precise means of determining intoxication. For example, the tasks set forth in field sobriety tests are sometimes challenging even to the average sober person. Moreover, despite the drivers’ belief that they passed the tests, often they are still arrested for a DUI and taken to the police station. As former Senior DUI prosecutors, we are aware of the best defense strategies to defend against the most vigorous prosecution. After litigating thousands of DUI cases, our DUI defense lawyers understand where to look for the state’s problems of proof in the drunk-driving case against you.

With over 50 years of courtroom experience, our Burbank DUI Attorneys will safeguard your rights, uncover frequently committed errors by the police, and tenaciously protect you against wrongful conviction!